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Tzvi Odzer Emphasizes The Value Of Keeping Social Distance And Wearing Masks During The Pandemic

For the past eight months, life has not been the same. People have lost lives, jobs, loved ones, and even connection with other people. Today, it is not abnormal to go about your daily activities wearing a mask. Tzvi Odzer, who is currently running a Covid-19 campaign to help donate masks to people that need them, says that wearing a mask is a crucial collective responsibility to control the infection.

While speaking on the value of wearing masks during the pandemic, Tzvi Odzer notes that times have been confusing, and people have to adjust to the new norm to go back to their old model. While masks may not be the most flattering attire, they help prevent viral droplets from entering your system through the nose, eyes, and mouth.

Did you know that viral droplets from a sneeze can travel up to 27 feet? Wearing a mask and social distancing are the best ways to avoid getting infected or even further spreading the virus in case you are infected and you aren’t aware, says Tzvi Odzer.

You never know who has contracted the virus, says Tzvi Odzer

The biggest challenge experienced by healthcare professionals in reducing infections is that no one is truly sure of whether they are sick or not. The symptoms of the disease may remain unnoticed for up to 14 days. During those 14 days, the person may have come into contact with many healthy people and possibly infected them unknowingly. Tzvi Odzer recommends taking precautions by wearing medically approved face masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining a one-meter distance. Almost 50 percent of covid-19 cases are asymptomatic. That’s worrying because it is not possible to know who is sick and who is not.

Masks reduce viral transmission significantly.

Before the pandemic, the only people who used to wear masks were healthcare professionals and employees working with hazardous or potentially unsafe environments such as chemical manufacturing industries. As masks prevent germs and other unwanted materials from entering your respiratory system when inhaled, Tzvi Odzer suggests wearing masks at all times, particularly in public places.

By taking precautions, we are protecting our loved ones, says Tzvi Odzer

“Just because you are not coughing doesn’t mean you are not sick,” says Tzvi Odzer. There are higher chances that you could be sick, and when you don’t take precautions, you risk infecting others who may not be as lucky to have no symptoms. Wearing masks or keeping a distance is not a punishment, notes Tzvi Odzer, but a way of making sure that our loved ones are safe.

Masks alone are not enough

Tzvi Odzer also says that masks alone are unreliable during the pandemic. Remember, masks are not the perfect barriers to transmission. However, they don’t need to be the best if they are not used alone. You can avoid social contact, maintain high hygiene levels, and even stay home as much as you can to reduce contact.

Odzer hopes to create a week where businesses, sports, government, and entertainment leaders communicate the same message about this new behavior–wear masks, wash hands, keep appropriate distance, and stay home.

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