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Tzvi Odzer: Discusses Two of His Loves, Hockey and Business

Tzvi Odzer: Ways, a Good Hockey Team, is Like a Good Business

Tzvi Odzer says there are so many correlations between what makes a good hockey team and good business. Both require a lot of the same attributes to be successful. Let’s look at a few of the most important ones.

The number one attribute that must be present for success is a real passion for what you are doing. If you start something, and at some point, you realize you have no love for it, stop and do something else. Without passion, Tzvi Odzer says when things get tough, it is so much easier to give up and quit. He says you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by figuring out your likes versus passions before you start.

Next comes being consistent and reliable, whether to your team or just to yourself. You must faithfully show up and get things done. When Tzvi Odzer started his first business at eighteen years of age in his parent’s basement, he was accountable only to himself, but that was enough. He says this is not only important in building a business but applies to all areas of your life.

An often overlooked area, whether on a team or in business, is the mighty tongue. If we aren’t careful, it can negatively affect both teammates or business. Tzvi Odzer follows the old adage, “we have two ears and one mouth, it is wise to listen twice as much as we speak.” Another saying goes, “It is better to let someone think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Being a hard worker is a must to be successful in any lasting endeavor. Tzvi Odzer has led by example by being a team player in every area of his life. The “me” attitude so prevalent today means, in large part, losing the opportunity to make a difference in the world around them. When everyone is dedicated to the same vision and works together to see it to fruition, it is a beautiful thing.

Open communication is vital. Whether it is on a hockey team or in the boardroom, it is a necessity. Tzvi Odzer says when there is excellent communication, it adds an element of success that can not happen without it.

Lastly, each person must strive to be above reproach and earn the respect of their teammates or business partners. Regardless if you are head and shoulders above others in talent, Tzvi Odzer says that gaining the respect of your peers is equally important. When a person is highly respected, it benefits everyone and everything around them.

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