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Tzvi Odzer Discusses Several Ways Families Can Work Together to Keep Jewish Traditions Alive

Tzvi Odzer recently offered several ways families can work together at home to keep the Jewish faith alive.

The Jewish community is one that society has been trying to suppress for thousands of years. However, no force has been able to quell the faith of the Jewish people. In recent years, a new threat has arisen, and the Jewish community is searching for ways to continue thriving. This new threat is that of the loss of tradition and heritage.

Loss of heritage is something that occurs over time in cultures and religions around the globe. It is not entirely unique to the Jewish community. However, modern times have shown this threat becoming increasingly powerful, and members of the Jewish community, like Tzvi Odzer, are offering their tips for keeping the heritage alive.

“We are of the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, and that’s something we need to preserve for ourselves and generations to come,” Tzvi Odzer said.

Tzvi Odzer explained that keeping Jewish traditions and heritage alive begins at home. Jewish celebrations are positive ways of affirming faith, especially for young people, who may not be as interested in studying the Torah day in and day out. Tzvi Odzer suggests making the Jewish religion easy for your kids to understand and access through keeping communication open, answering questions, and providing more details when kids ask.

“I think we can all remember, at times, being a bit bored with studying the Jewish religion when we were kids,” Tzvi Odzer said. “This is why parents need to make traditions fun.”

Tzvi Odzer 1
Tzvi Odzer 1

Tzvi Odzer explained that parents can help their children understand and practice Jewish values in far more interesting ways than simply reading them. Even a quick Google search can bring about countless activities and crafts to keep kids interested while learning about the religion, its heritage, and its traditions. Tzvi Odzer added that enjoying these activities, crafts, and games with friends can be even more engaging for kids.

“It’s important to keep religious studies relaxed and welcoming,” Tzvi Odzer added. “When services or programs for kids get too serious or boring, young people start to pull away.”

Tzvi Odzer explained that each individual family has the ability to practice its faith how it pleases. However, he added that having a bit of leeway with your children can be the difference between them being proud of their Jewish heritage or wanting to pull away from it. He explained that allowing kids the freedom and opportunity to pursue what they find most meaningful in the religion will result in them being more engaged than if they are forced.

“We can start by making our studies, heritage, and traditions more fun than simply reading and reciting,” Tzvi Odzer finished. “Keeping the youth involved and engaged is what will carry our religion through thousands of more years to come.”

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