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Tzvi Odzer Analyses Israel’s Response to Covid-19

Tzvi Odzer is frightened by the Covid-19 pandemic, like most people, and has taken steps to manage this issue in his life. And as the pandemic spreads and changes, he sees Israel and the United States taking some very similar approaches. However, he finds that Israel is on the right track and that they could be used as a model for various other countries around the world.

Israel’s Response to Covid-19 Has Been Good, Tzvi Odzer Says

Once Covid-19 reached pandemic levels, Tzvi Odzer said he started to pay attention to how Israel would react to the problem. He has long found that this country often does respond well to crises and knows how to change when times get tough. And Tzvi Odzer was not disappointed: the response that Israel brought to bear up on the pandemic is one that he believes America could use in its fight.

First of all, Israel reacted very quickly when the pandemic was obvious. Tzvi Odzer was pleased to see that social distancing and travel restrictions were put in place quickly and at a national level. He believes that a coherent national strategy is the key to success against this fight. And this reaction is one that he feels hasn’t been handled as well by the United States’ national government.

For example, Tzvi Odzer has heard from experts in Israel that there are no shortages of supplies for testing, as there are in the United States. A glut of supplies were provided early in the pandemic, making testing easier to perform and manage at a wide level. Though the US is now catching up, Tzvi Odzer believes that Israel still provides them a great model to watch as the pandemic changes.

Sequential Sharing – Another Big Advantage in Israel

Israel has also started to utilize a system of sequential sharing that Tzvi Odzer finds promising. This method shifts resources to different areas of the country, as needed, to ensure that they get the help that they need. For example, ventilators from one area may be taken to others to provide help for people who are struggling with breathing difficulties in unexpected ways.

Just as importantly, Tzvi Odzer likes that reagents for tests – i.e. the materials that help to make testing possible – are being shared in Israel. This type of sharing is critical because it helps to make it easier for tests to spread to other parts of the nation that may be harder hit. And this type of sequential sharing is something Tzvi Odzer hopes becomes common throughout the United States.

So far, the signs have been promising – Tzvi Odzer believes that America is on the right track in many ways. And as Israel brings down its number of cases and controls the outbreak more effectively, Tzvi Odzer hopes that the US continues to follow their lead. Doing so could save untold numbers of lives and even dramatically decrease the amount of time the pandemic lasts, he says.

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