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Businessman Tzvi Odzer Offers Several Ways for Companies to Hire More People With Disabilities

Business executive Tzvi Odzer recently discussed several ways companies can hire more people with disabilities.

Roughly one in eight people in the United States have a disability, according to the 2017 Disability Statistics Annual Report. Business executive Tzvi Odzer explained that companies who are not considering hiring disabled employees are missing out on a large amount of potential talent for their teams. He recently discussed several ways for companies to hire more people with disabilities.

“Companies employing those with disabilities have shown an almost 30 percent higher revenue than those who do not incorporate disabled candidates,” Tzvi Odzer said. “This is a huge amount of profit a lot of businesses are missing, and hiring disabled employees is not as complicated as some executives or HR personnel think.”

Tzvi Odzer explained that hiring disabled employees involves creating an inclusive culture in the workplace. This can be done by including resource groups for disabled persons or even nominating a leader to promote awareness efforts among staff. Helping disabled employees feel comfortable in the workplace is essential, and employees adapt much easier than some executives think.

“Disabled employees have just as much to offer many companies as employees who are not disabled,” Tzvi Odzer said. “An easy way to gain access to this entirely new talent pool is to contact community organizations. Inform them of available jobs, and they will likely present potential employees who meet your company’s needs.”

Tzvi Odzer explained that companies can train recruiters to better interact with potential employees with special needs. External recruiting organizations specializing in hiring disabled employees can also help.

Business experts like Tzvi Odzer also emphasized the importance of making the workplace accessible for all. Certain features for disabled employees, such as ramps, special desks, and wheelchair-friendly doorways make working at your business possible for those who were unable to in the past. An inclusive design in the workplace may also involve adjusting software design or offering special skills training.

“Prioritizing an inclusive workplace opens the available talent pool immensely,” Tzvi Odzer said. “Improving processes for those with disabilities can also improve processes for employees without disabilities, so it’s a win-win for the entire business.”

Tzvi Odzer finished by reiterated that creating a more diverse workplace, including disabled employees, has been proven to improve a company’s bottom line, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and create a positive brand image. The small changes required to make a workplace more inclusive are well worth the time and effort.

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