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Tzvi Odzer: Discusses Two of His Loves, Hockey and Business

Tzvi Odzer: Ways, a Good Hockey Team, is Like a Good Business

Tzvi Odzer says there are so many correlations between what makes a good hockey team and good business. Both require a lot of the same attributes to be successful. Let’s look at a few of the most important ones.

The number one attribute that must be present for success is a real passion for what you are doing. If you start something, and at some point, you realize you have no love for it, stop and do something else. Without passion, Tzvi Odzer says when things get tough, it is so much easier to give up and quit. He says you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by figuring out your likes versus passions before you start.

Next comes being consistent and reliable, whether to your team or just to yourself. You must faithfully show up and get things done. When Tzvi Odzer started his first business at eighteen years of age in his parent’s basement, he was accountable only to himself, but that was enough. He says this is not only important in building a business but applies to all areas of your life.

An often overlooked area, whether on a team or in business, is the mighty tongue. If we aren’t careful, it can negatively affect both teammates or business. Tzvi Odzer follows the old adage, “we have two ears and one mouth, it is wise to listen twice as much as we speak.” Another saying goes, “It is better to let someone think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Being a hard worker is a must to be successful in any lasting endeavor. Tzvi Odzer has led by example by being a team player in every area of his life. The “me” attitude so prevalent today means, in large part, losing the opportunity to make a difference in the world around them. When everyone is dedicated to the same vision and works together to see it to fruition, it is a beautiful thing.

Open communication is vital. Whether it is on a hockey team or in the boardroom, it is a necessity. Tzvi Odzer says when there is excellent communication, it adds an element of success that can not happen without it.

Lastly, each person must strive to be above reproach and earn the respect of their teammates or business partners. Regardless if you are head and shoulders above others in talent, Tzvi Odzer says that gaining the respect of your peers is equally important. When a person is highly respected, it benefits everyone and everything around them.

Tzvi Odzer Discusses Several Ways Families Can Work Together to Keep Jewish Traditions Alive

Tzvi Odzer recently offered several ways families can work together at home to keep the Jewish faith alive.

The Jewish community is one that society has been trying to suppress for thousands of years. However, no force has been able to quell the faith of the Jewish people. In recent years, a new threat has arisen, and the Jewish community is searching for ways to continue thriving. This new threat is that of the loss of tradition and heritage.

Loss of heritage is something that occurs over time in cultures and religions around the globe. It is not entirely unique to the Jewish community. However, modern times have shown this threat becoming increasingly powerful, and members of the Jewish community, like Tzvi Odzer, are offering their tips for keeping the heritage alive.

“We are of the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, and that’s something we need to preserve for ourselves and generations to come,” Tzvi Odzer said.

Tzvi Odzer explained that keeping Jewish traditions and heritage alive begins at home. Jewish celebrations are positive ways of affirming faith, especially for young people, who may not be as interested in studying the Torah day in and day out. Tzvi Odzer suggests making the Jewish religion easy for your kids to understand and access through keeping communication open, answering questions, and providing more details when kids ask.

“I think we can all remember, at times, being a bit bored with studying the Jewish religion when we were kids,” Tzvi Odzer said. “This is why parents need to make traditions fun.”

Tzvi Odzer 1
Tzvi Odzer 1

Tzvi Odzer explained that parents can help their children understand and practice Jewish values in far more interesting ways than simply reading them. Even a quick Google search can bring about countless activities and crafts to keep kids interested while learning about the religion, its heritage, and its traditions. Tzvi Odzer added that enjoying these activities, crafts, and games with friends can be even more engaging for kids.

“It’s important to keep religious studies relaxed and welcoming,” Tzvi Odzer added. “When services or programs for kids get too serious or boring, young people start to pull away.”

Tzvi Odzer explained that each individual family has the ability to practice its faith how it pleases. However, he added that having a bit of leeway with your children can be the difference between them being proud of their Jewish heritage or wanting to pull away from it. He explained that allowing kids the freedom and opportunity to pursue what they find most meaningful in the religion will result in them being more engaged than if they are forced.

“We can start by making our studies, heritage, and traditions more fun than simply reading and reciting,” Tzvi Odzer finished. “Keeping the youth involved and engaged is what will carry our religion through thousands of more years to come.”

Tzvi Odzer Analyses Israel’s Response to Covid-19

Tzvi Odzer is frightened by the Covid-19 pandemic, like most people, and has taken steps to manage this issue in his life. And as the pandemic spreads and changes, he sees Israel and the United States taking some very similar approaches. However, he finds that Israel is on the right track and that they could be used as a model for various other countries around the world.

Israel’s Response to Covid-19 Has Been Good, Tzvi Odzer Says

Once Covid-19 reached pandemic levels, Tzvi Odzer said he started to pay attention to how Israel would react to the problem. He has long found that this country often does respond well to crises and knows how to change when times get tough. And Tzvi Odzer was not disappointed: the response that Israel brought to bear up on the pandemic is one that he believes America could use in its fight.

First of all, Israel reacted very quickly when the pandemic was obvious. Tzvi Odzer was pleased to see that social distancing and travel restrictions were put in place quickly and at a national level. He believes that a coherent national strategy is the key to success against this fight. And this reaction is one that he feels hasn’t been handled as well by the United States’ national government.

For example, Tzvi Odzer has heard from experts in Israel that there are no shortages of supplies for testing, as there are in the United States. A glut of supplies were provided early in the pandemic, making testing easier to perform and manage at a wide level. Though the US is now catching up, Tzvi Odzer believes that Israel still provides them a great model to watch as the pandemic changes.

Sequential Sharing – Another Big Advantage in Israel

Israel has also started to utilize a system of sequential sharing that Tzvi Odzer finds promising. This method shifts resources to different areas of the country, as needed, to ensure that they get the help that they need. For example, ventilators from one area may be taken to others to provide help for people who are struggling with breathing difficulties in unexpected ways.

Just as importantly, Tzvi Odzer likes that reagents for tests – i.e. the materials that help to make testing possible – are being shared in Israel. This type of sharing is critical because it helps to make it easier for tests to spread to other parts of the nation that may be harder hit. And this type of sequential sharing is something Tzvi Odzer hopes becomes common throughout the United States.

So far, the signs have been promising – Tzvi Odzer believes that America is on the right track in many ways. And as Israel brings down its number of cases and controls the outbreak more effectively, Tzvi Odzer hopes that the US continues to follow their lead. Doing so could save untold numbers of lives and even dramatically decrease the amount of time the pandemic lasts, he says.

Tzvi Odzer Discusses Jewish Schools Post-Pandemic

Jewish Schools Throughout the United States are Likely to Receive an Over-Haul, Tzvi Odzer Explains

The COVID-19 pandemic caused schools across the United States to close in March. Many never opened back up to complete the school year. Now, as Jewish schools talk about going back, changes are expected. Tzvi Odzer, an entrepreneur, and man of Jewish faith discusses what the post-pandemic school situation is going to look like.

The Jewish schools are slightly different from public schools in that they provide a secular education as well as one that offers a Jewish education, including lessons in Hebrew. Tzvi Odzer explains how it’s important for children to go to these schools in order to balance their education. They get to meet friends within their faith and learn in an environment outside of the home.

Schools throughout New York, where Tzvi Odzer is based, are still slow to release plans for when they will be reopening. Both public and private schools are learning to adapt to the pandemic. Many Jewish schools plan on adapting to the social distancing requirements.

Tzvi OdzerTzvi Odzer has explained that there are thoughts of both teachers and students wearing masks. There may also be the need to temperature check students on a daily basis when they show up for class. While it’s not “normal,” Tzvi Odzer wonders if the school systems will ever fully return to normal because of the way the pandemic has caused people to re-think germs.

While Tzvi Odzer wants his children and grandchildren to be safe, he also believes in the importance of a traditional school setting. It allows children to socialize and learn to collaborate. As someone who has spent 30 years in distribution, he understands the importance of learning to work with others.

Tzvi Odzer is eager to see the Jewish school’s resume so that his own family can resume their studies. Particularly as kids start to reach the age of 13 where they will have a bar or bat mitzvah, attending Jewish school is critical. It will teach them how to read Hebrew in order to make sense of the readings from the Torah.

It is possible that at least some elements of Jewish school will be done virtually. This can help to eliminate the strain put into the schools. It can reduce the time kids are being exposed to one another. Further, it may reduce the number of days they go into class.

Tzvi Odzer has been keeping a close eye on the decisions made within his community. He’s hoping to hear that Jewish schools open at the normally scheduled time for the start of the school year. However, he’s also expecting there to be some modifications in terms of how to deal with the pandemic so as not to watch the curve go back up. He urges others who are sending students to a Jewish school to follow their local guidelines as well.

Stephen Odzer Attends White House Hanukkah Party

This year’s Hanukkah celebration at the White House may be taking place eleven days before the official start of the Jewish holiday, but the spirit of the season can be felt in full effect. Stephen Odzer, CEO of YBT Industries, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is proud to accept the invitation extended by the White House for their 2019 festivities.

The History of Hanukkah in the White House

Despite the long-standing Jewish presence in America, it wasn’t until 2001 that the first official White House Hanukkah celebration took place. For the longest time, Christmas was the only winter holiday officially recognized by the White House. It wasn’t until 1973, when Jimmy Carter publicly lit the National Menorah in Lafayette Park, that the holiday was acknowledged in an official capacity.

Even regarding official recognition in the years since this event, it wasn’t until 2001 that the White House hosted their first White House Hanukkah Party, led by President George W. Bush. The event was marked by the lighting of a hundred-year-old menorah by President Bush, borrowed from the Jewish Museum of New York.

The Hanukkah reception has become an annual event at the White House, and the tradition continues this year, led by President Donald J. Trump.

Stephen Odzer’s Impact on the Jewish Community

Stephen Odzer has long strived to make a positive impact on his community, and it’s fair to say he continues to succeed. A consummate businessman, Stephen Odzer utilizes the profits he makes from his business to support charities that benefit the greater good.

Beginning a janitorial supply company at the age of only eighteen, Stephen Odzer grew his business into something much greater: a $15 million valued company in just thirteen years. Now, after over thirty years in the distribution industry, it’s fair to say Stephen Odzer has a fairly expert grasp on what it takes to make a successful business running smoothly.

Stephen Odzer‘s continued success allows him to focus on the betterment of others. He donates to several causes with varying goals, supporting the well-being of those from all walks of life. One cause Stephen Odzer is particularly passionate about is Bris Avrohom. Bris Avrohom is a non-profit that was established in 1979 in order to help acclimate Russian Jewish immigrants to America who had decided to settle in the metropolitan area.

Today, Bris Avrohom continues to help those of the Jewish faith discover their heritage and gain their footing in the world, with several branches located in New Jersey, New York, and Ukraine. According to its website, Bris Avrohom has touched the lives of more than 30,000 individuals and counting.

2019 Hanukkah Party

This year’s White House Hanukkah reception kicks off at 3 PM on December 11th. As a longtime supporter of the Republican Party, Stephen Odzer is thrilled to be able to attend alongside others who have made a significant positive impact in the Jewish community. Besides other philanthropists and businessmen such as himself, hundreds of Jewish American politicians, yeshiva deans, and organization heads will be in attendance.

Steven Odzer Shares 5 Takeaways from the Economic Club

Steven Odzer attended the Economic Club on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, where President Donald Trump was a guest speaker. “My table was right in front of the dais. I’m a strong supporter of the Republican Party and the RJC, so it was an honor to attend the event.” As an active supporter of the Republican Party for many years, Steven Odzer shares his takeaways from Trump’s speech.

Steven Odzer HendersonMoving Production Back from China
Steven Odzer has worked in the distribution industry since he was 18 when he started his first company out of his parent’s garage. He agrees with President Trump that the world is a competitive place, but it’s important to help Americans succeed. President Trump talked about his plan to move production factories back to the U.S. and help the American People.

Trade Deal with China
Steven Odzer mentions that one of the most important takeaways of the event was the president’s stand on the trade deal with China. In his speech, President Trump addressed his position on phase one of the Trade Deal with China. “A significant ‘phase one’ trade deal with China could happen. [It] could happen soon. But we will only accept a deal if it’s good for the United States and our workers and our great companies because we’ve been hit very hard,” said President Trump.

The Current U.S. Job Market
As someone who has been in the distribution industry for over 30 years, Steven Odzer pays close attention to the overall job market of the country. President Trump mentioned how Americans are now forced to work two or three jobs and make a lot less money than they made 21 years ago. However, due to recent changes in the market, “A record number of Americans are quitting the job they had to take the job they like even better … This increased competition is driving up wages for blue-collar workers,” said the President.

The U.S. Economy
As the CEO of the new YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, Steven Odzer is affected by fluctuations in the economy. A takeaway from the speech is the mention that the American economy is headed for an “economic boom.” President Trump said, “We have ended the war on American workers, we have stopped the assault on [the] American industry, and we have launched an economic boom the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Trade Relationships with Other Countries
Since this is part of his industry, Steven Odzer pays close attention to trade relationships with other countries. He shares the opinion with President Trump that many countries charge the United States with exorbitant tariffs or make it impossible for trade.

Aside from supporting the Republican Party and the RJC, Steven Odzer also supports the AHRC Foundation, Bris Avrohom, Jewish and Non-Jewish causes, and Arab/Jewish business cooperation. When he’s not making a difference in the world and his community, you can find Steven Odzer at a New York Yankees game or cheering on the Las Vegas Golden Knights. He also loves to spend quality time with his seven children and nine grandchildren.

Tzvi Odzer Reflects on the Success of Paper Pro, Inc.

Tzvi Odzer Henderson

Tzvi Odzer is the current CEO of YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, and has over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry. The business career of Tzvi Odzer had humble beginnings. “I started my first company at age 18 out of my parents’ basement,” he says. At this time, Tzvi Odzer started selling napkins, paper cups, and plates door to door in his neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. After many years of hard work, he was able to expand his business to selling supplies to food chain restaurants and eventually hospitals and nursing homes.

Tzvi Odzer confesses, “Janitorial supplies are not sexy items, but it’s big business.” By the year 1999, long after the days of selling door to door, Tzvi Odzer’s company was making it big. Paper Pro Inc., a company that sold janitorial products, made almost $15 million in revenue. Following the momentum of his success, Tzvi Odzer was also named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the area of distribution in the year 2000.

While many people would have been happy with this success, Tzvi Odzer was ready to catch a bigger fish. In 1998 Tzvi Odzer had merged Paper Pro with another company, but he decided to resign as President and CEO to focus on his new business venture. With the growth of the online market, Tzvi Odzer decided to channel all of his energy into, an online marketplace selling janitorial supplies and equipment., headquartered in the Empire State Building, became an exciting new venture for Tzvi Odzer. During the initial stages of, Tzvi Odzer was so confident in its success, and he invested $1 million of his money. With a 75% stake of the company, Tzvi Odzer used his Paper Pro contacts to raise $3 million in capital from investors to run the new company. He planned to take the company public later that year.

It wasn’t long before had ten employees and 1,000 members before the official launch. Tzvi Odzer had big plans for his new company. His goal was to have 10,000 customers within 60 days of launching the site. Although he was busy starting a new company, Paper Pro also remained a focus for Tzvi Odzer. He stated that both companies had completely separate agendas.

Aside from taking the distribution industry by storm, Tzvi Odzer also helps worthy causes. He is a big supporter of Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the Arab-Jewish business cooperation, and agencies that help people with disabilities. Tzvi Odzer likes to spend his free time with his seven children and nine grandchildren.

To contact Tzvi Odzer, please visit:

Steven Odzer Shares Why Young Americans Should Vote

Businessman Steven Odzer is a proud Republican and has been a strong supporter of the Republican Jewish Coalition for many years. For Steven Odzer, his participation in politics is important since he likes to stay on top of what is best for his community. “I am very involved with Republican Party and Republican Jewish Committee,” he says. Steven Odzer recognizes it’s important to also get young Americans to vote and find their voice, so they can make a difference in the local and national level. He shares why he considers important that young Americans vote.

According to Steven Odzer of Henderson, many young Americans don’t realize how much influence they have on the future of their country. Statistics show that the young vote accounts for about half of the voting population. Although the young vote declined 2% from 52% in the 2008 election, young voters still made up half of the voters in 2016. It will only be a matter of time before millennials overpower baby boomers as a population, which is why it’s so important they get out and vote.

Steven Odzer of Henderson expresses that although young Americans feel their vote doesn’t count, it absolutely does. The young population needs to understand that since they make up over half of the voting population their vote counts.

Another reason why young Americans should vote is because they are the ones who got hit the hardest during the recession of 2008. The recession affected many financial sectors that made an impact on the life of young Americans such as jobs, healthcare, and student debt. By voting, young voters can take charge and support the leaders that represent their best financial interests. Aside from being a large group, young voters are also a diverse group. Young voters come from all kinds of different backgrounds, which also help diversify the vote. According to Steven Odzer is important to talk to them about the importance of voting from an early age.

Aside from being involved with politics, Steven Odzer is the current CEO and founder of YBT Industries of Henderson. Steven Odzer of Henderson has worked in the distribution industry for 30 years. When he’s not chasing after his grandchildren, he’s cheering on the New York Yankees or the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Steven Odzer and his family also like to give back to the community. They support causes such as both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the AHRC, and Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps Jewish immigrants from Russia integrate into life in the U.S.

Stephen Odzer Explains How to Hire More People with Disabilities

Tvzi Odzer HendersonWith over 30 years of distribution business experience, Stephen Odzer is the current CEO and founder of YBT Industries of Henderson, NV. He started his first business out of his parents’ basement when he was 18. In 2000, he was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the area of distribution. As a business owner, Stephen Odzer has always felt it was important to hire people with disabilities. He likes to share with other employers how to make it possible.

During the Interview
Stephen Odzer understands that although many employers might want to hire more employees with disabilities, they might not know how to get started. For starters, many employers are not as familiar with employment laws in their state. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, potential employers can only ask if the interviewee has a disability if it’s a visible one. In this case, the employer can ask the candidate what type of accommodation he or she will need for the job. Asking this question will take the pressure off and make for a more successful interview. However, if the candidate shows no visible signs of a disability, then the employer should conduct the interview like any other one.

Once They Get the Job
Once an employer moves forward with hiring an employee with a disability, they need to set up the employee for success, according to Stephen Odzer. Aside from the necessary accommodations, the employee will need, employers should treat an employee with disabilities the same way as everyone else. Colleagues and employers should feel comfortable giving feedback to the new employee. Employees with disabilities want to be treated like any other member of the team. Depending on the employee, some might want to have a meeting with the team to talk about their disability and answer any questions. This should only get done with the employee’s consent.

Avoid Common Mistakes
As a business owner and someone who promotes hiring employees with disabilities, Stephen Odzer acknowledges many employers make a few mistakes. For example, instead of focusing on what employees cannot do, employers should focus on what the employee can do. Employees with disabilities want their employers to focus on their strengths. As long as the company practices inclusivity and communication, employees with disabilities will thrive.

Aside from supporting agencies that hire people with disabilities, Stephen Odzer also support causes such as both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the AHRC, and Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps Jewish immigrants from Russia integrate to life in the U.S. When he’s not working on his business, he enjoys spending his free time with his seven children and nine grandchildren. Also, Stephen Odzer is a sports fan. He spends his time cheering on the New York Yankees or the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Stephen Odzer Shares Current Trends in the Distribution Business

With over 30 years of distribution business experience, Stephen Odzer is the current CEO and founder of YBT Industries of Henderson, NV. Instead of getting ready for retirement, Stephen Odzer decided to launch a new company. It has been a long road for Stephen Odzer since he started his first company. “I started my first company at age 18 out of my parents’ basement. I went to Yeshiva of Flatbush High School and then to the Brooklyn College Scholars program,” he says. Building a company from the ground up gave Stephen Odzer the skills to succeed in the industry. In 2000, he was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the area of distribution. With such a robust portfolio, he has seen many trends in the distribution industry come and go.
Tvzi Odzer Henderson

Stephen Odzer acknowledges that with the rise of internet shopping, distributors now face shorter delivery windows. Consumers now expect to receive their products within only a few days, which has forced distributors to change the way they handle shipping. To not lose customers and meet their expectations, businesses are expecting shorter delivery windows.

With the rise of technology, many distribution companies need to look at software that will help them improve productivity. Stephen Odzer points out that many distribution companies see the value of investing in transport management software (TMS). TMS can not only help distributors increase productivity, but it can also help them cut down costs.

Stephen Odzer also points out that eCommerce and TMS will also change the way distributors conduct business. With the merging of both technologies, customers will have more tools to decide which carriers and systems they utilize. This will also give them the opportunity to demand more transparency with each of their orders. They will be able to track their order from the moment the distributor receives it, to the moment someone buys the product. Customers will also get notifications every step of the way.

Stephen Odzer enjoys spending his free time with his seven children and nine grandchildren. When he’s not chasing after his grandchildren, he’s cheering on the New York Yankees or the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Stephen Odzer and his family also like to give back to the community. They support causes such as both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the AHRC, and Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps Jewish immigrants from Russia integrate into life in the U.S.